Standard Plotting

At least 1TB/day or 10 plots/day.

Price: CDN$30/TB.

Limited Time Offer: 5% OFF CDN$1000.

Delivery Options

  • Online delivery: Receive your plots through Cloud Storage services (Microsoft OneDrive).
  • Physical delivery: Send us your hard drive and we will fill it before sending it back.

Terms and conditions

  • Upon the receipt of your order, we will send a request through PayPal for 50% upfront.
  • The plotting process will start as soon as the first payment is received.
  • Receive daily updates on the plotting progress through E-mail.
  • Once the plotting has started, no refund will be offered.
  • You will be notified to clear all the payments when the plotting is done.

Order Now

Contact us at We will provide you with the details to proceed.